What is RB?

RB (Radio Bearer)

is a layer 2 connection between the UE and the RNC.

It is used for both control signaling and user data.

RB used for signaling is called an SRB.


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What is RL?

RL (Radio Link)


the physical connection between the UE and Node B.

Each RL is defined by its RF frequency, channelization code and scrambling code.

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Various radio and data connections

various types of connections that the UE will have with the network:

1. RL

2. RB

3. RAB

4. SRB

5. PDP

6. RRC connection

RL (UE-Node B)

RB (UE-Node B-RNC)


PDP context (UE-Node B-RNC-SGSN-GGSN)

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What are paging causes?

Paging causes:

conversational, streaming, interactive, background, high priority signaling, low priority signaling, cause unknown

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What is in paging message?

MIB value tag, BCCH modification time

Paging record list: a list of paging record up to 8 records.

For each paging record:

for UTRAN originated: u-RNTI, CN-ORIGINATEDPAGE-CONNECTEDMODE-UE, paging cause, CN domain id, paging record type [IMSI, TMSI, P-TMSI]

for CN originated: paging cause, CN domain id (CS or PS), CN paged UE identities (IMSI, TSMI, P-TMSI + value)

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UTRAN originated page vs. CN originated page

Page can be originated



2. CN

If the UE is in idle mode, then CN will originate the page.

If the UE is in Cell_PCH or URA_PCH, then UTRAN will originate the page.

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DRX cycle coefficient value

DRX cycle coefficient is different depending on the state of the UE.

In idle, CN domain has a value for it.

In Cell_PCH, URA_PCH, UTRAN has a value for it.

UTRAN DRX cycle length coefficient: values 3-9: cycle length 80 ms – 5.12 sec

CN domain DRX cycle length coefficient: values 6-9: cycle length 640 ms – 5.12 sec

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